Past Events

“Jewish Women through the Ages” Fashion Show

March 2012

Omni Hotel, New Haven CT

From Ancient Mesopotamia to the modern day, the show led the audience on a remarkable journey across time and the landscape of Jewish history, portraying the great female personalities who contributed to Jewish survival and identity. Amongst them were women who, by their living examples, showed the world the true meaning of dignity, courage, sacrifice, and leadership. Each heroine’s story was brought to life – in words and imagery, song and dance – by a brilliant local cast of models and performers walking the runway, costumed and bejeweled, in intricate attire from each character’s era. In an unforgettable exhibition of story-telling, pageantry, costume and song, the Matriarch Sarah, Moabite Princess Ruth, Donna Gracia, Hannah Szenes, and others shared their lives’ greatest challenges and triumphs.

The show culminated with a celebration of today’s Jewish woman and a fashion show modeling modern designer outfits and chic couture.

This unique evening drew a crowd of over 500 women from around the state, of all ages and backgrounds, in a celebration of our common identity, culture, and heritage.

Photography By Schneur Menaker Photography