Former White House Pastry Chef Roland Mesnier

26 years of White House service to five American Presidents


Chef Mesnier will conclude the event with a presentation about his remarkable life and legendary career as the longest serving chef in the history of the White House. For more than twenty-five years, Chef Roland served five American Presidents and their families, countless dignitaries, royalty and Heads of State. He is the author of five books and creator of over 10,000 recipes.
Born in France, Mesnier began his career at the age of twelve, learning and mastering his pastry making skills first in France, then in Germany and England. After making his way over to the US he was hired by first lady Rosalynn Carter in 1980.
Chef Mesnier has won 18 gold medals for his pastry creations in competitions around the world. He is a member of the Academie Culinaire de France and the recipient of many awards and accolades which include: the French Legion of Honor in 2005 – the highest honor bestowed on a French citizen; that same year he was inducted into the Chocolate and Pastry Hall of Fame in New York. He was awarded a Doctorate of Culinary Arts from the prestigious Johnson & Wales University in South Carolina.
Since 2006, when Chef Mesnier retired from the White House, he has traveled the U.S. and around the world giving speeches, judging pastry competitions and participating in fundraising events, book signings and much more.
With charisma and humor, Chef Roland will entertain guests with anecdotes and fond memories of each first family, as well a demonstration of a dessert dish.  He will also treat guests to a sample of his extraordinary pastry – a Presidential favorite!